The idea behind Grom Search events is to identify and nurture talented young surfers under the guidance of Surfing Swami Foundation.

These kids are growing up in difficult situations. By providing them with a safe and empowering environment, the Surfing Swami Foundation along with Mantra Surf Club wants to give them a better life. By protecting the Ocean, Growing the Sport and giving them the exposure to making a living by Surfing. All the kids here love the Surf life & many of them aspire to grow as Professional surfers as well!


So far we have conducted two events and have been able to successfully identify a few groms who have a lot of potentials. A few of them also participated at a national event in Chennai.

These kids now understand that surfing may not just be a sport but can change their way of living. That it can provide them with career opportunities.

This makes them more serious about the sport and helps them dedicate more time into a healthy and productive lifestyle.


Finding talent is just a start. Here starts the journey for these kids. They need to train different waves, they need better equipment, they need to participate in national events and some even in international events.

Most of these kids come from a very humble background and need support to pursue their skills. Surfing Swami Foundation's vision is to provide them with necessary support and help them compete and represent India in international waters and competitions.


These kids need to constantly improve their skills and train as much as possible in different conditions. This requires them to travel. We are also always on a lookout for any funds that might help to buy equipment like surfboards, boardshorts, rashguards, surf accessories, etc.

That way the kids can focus more on learning and improving rather than worrying about buying their next boardshorts or surfboards.

If you wish to help the cause, please contact us here or donate here.

Our Boys are going to compete in Chennai!

Few selected boys are going to compete in Covelong Point Surf and Yoga Festival in Chennai, Tamilnadu! Wish them good luck