Most beaches in India are full of trash. Part of it is from tourism and part of it is from locals throwing away garbage into rivers that join the oceans.

Due to this, The otherwise beautiful beaches in most of India is covered in the trash of all sorts. This affects tourism, fishing and mainly affects marine life.

There is no proper practical education on waste management. Shoes, glass bottles, clothes, kitchen waste, sanitary wastes all pile up on beaches that in turn is destroying the coastal beauty.


The solution is to have regular beach maintenance programs and involve schools and organizations in the process. This way students from an early age realize how important it is to maintain and keep our beaches and environment clean and mainly plastic-free.

Continuous programs like these will engage more and more people to take part in the cleanup programs and will create awareness among the locals, tourists, and authorities.


We plan to organize beach cleaning programs in 8 beaches every month. The clean-ups will be distributed throughout the month with the idea of cleaning 2 beaches every weekend.

We will take the assistance of local authorities and organizations. Trash will be segregated into three categories - Plastic, rubber and glass and will be sent to recycling centers accordingly.

The cleaning programs will have continuous exposure and marketing for more people to join the movement. In one season (9 months) We will have had 72 cleaning programs in 8 beaches.


Beach cleaning requires a lot of resources. We need to segregate plastic, glass, rubber, other waste and send them to recycling. We need equipment like gloves, bags to carry trash, provide breakfast and refreshments to volunteers.

We have estimated the cost to be around Rs. 20,00,000 to have 72 cleaning programs spread across 9 months at 8 beaches on the Coast of Karnataka.

You can help by donating funds, equipment or even showing up and giving us a hand in these programs.

If you'd like to help us please contact us here or donate here

Mantra Beach Cleanup (Recent Event)

We organized a big cleanup event at Mulki near Mangalore in association with Mantra Surf Club that was supported by Semnox, Novigo Solutions, Bolas and CodeCraft Technologies.