A Non-Profit Organization Promoting Surfing/Water Sports in India

Welcome to the Surfing Swami Foundation [SSF]. Inspired by its founder Jack "Swami" Hebner, the Surfing Swami Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to introducing surfing and related water sports in India — providing free equipment, school scholarships and environmental awareness training for village girls and boys.

Additionally, the SSF helps local children with school supplies, medical needs and personal instruction in fundamental character development — thus helping to educate and create a generation of individuals with an enhanced feeling of environmental awareness, social responsibility and a love for surfing.

We have been doing all the above activities for the past ten years without bringing it much to the notice of the global surfing community. However, at this time we are launching our dedicated SSF website as well as a Facebook page. Also at this time, we are to announce that SSF is now registered with the Government of India.

Many of our visitors over the years have been inspired by seeing so many young girls and boys here in India becoming enthused about surfing and the positive effects surfing has had in their lives.

All workers at the Surfing Swami Foundation are volunteers. You are also welcome to take part in our programs.

Many of our visitors have been inspired to make financial contributions toward SSF. Funds, as well as surf gear, are always in great demand in the villages; surfboards, board shorts, booties, rash guards, board wax, etc. All these items, new or used, can be contributed if you would like to help us put the stoke in some kid’s life.

Lets spread the stoke. Together we can do more. Just contact us. Thanks for reading.